Imprisoned – Rough Draft 3

Imprisoned A short story by Micah Bridges Kelsie looks around at the dreamy world, a massive chasm of nothing with small rectangular frames of multicolored light, dotting the landscape. The frames hang suspended in air motionless, each one a snapshot from Kelsi’s memories staring back at her frozen in time. Kelsie walks closer to theContinue reading “Imprisoned – Rough Draft 3”

Short Story – Boredom – Rough Draft

So bellow is a rough draft of a short story of mine I am revamping     Jake sits at home staring at the TV, watching show after show, he doesn’t even know or care what he is watching. He just numbly sits and watches. Slowly the boredom creeps in, each passing hour worse thanContinue reading “Short Story – Boredom – Rough Draft”