The Umbrella’s Official Release

Some of you may have seen some of my posts about The Umbrella, website here ( ), but in case you haven’t here is a short recap and update. The Umbrella is an independent feature film that I worked on, as the Gaffer, during principle photography in Brisbane Australia. It was an amazing opportunityContinue reading “The Umbrella’s Official Release”

The Umbrella – Behind The Scenes – Episode 24

The Umbrella Movie (imdb, website, youtube) Episode 24: Remix Experienced music producer and sound engineer, Jim Bonnefond lends his expertise to The Initiative for the final sound mix of “The Umbrella” The full Behind the Scenes YouTube playlist can be found here ( Or if you don’t want to go anywhere, here is the fullContinue reading “The Umbrella – Behind The Scenes – Episode 24”

The Umbrella – Movie Trailer #2

The 2nd trailer for The Umbrella Movie (imdb, website, youtube) is up check it out – The second official trailer for The Initiative Production Company’s first feature film, “The Umbrella” What if an umbrella could do more than just protect its user from mere sun or rain? What if it could protect its userContinue reading “The Umbrella – Movie Trailer #2”

Imprisoned – Rough Draft 3

Imprisoned A short story by Micah Bridges Kelsie looks around at the dreamy world, a massive chasm of nothing with small rectangular frames of multicolored light, dotting the landscape. The frames hang suspended in air motionless, each one a snapshot from Kelsi’s memories staring back at her frozen in time. Kelsie walks closer to theContinue reading “Imprisoned – Rough Draft 3”